Former PGA Tour WINNER Dean Wilson pulls out his persimmon at the end of a SIM2 testing session.

    TrackMan, Shot Tracer & TrottieGolf were on hand to catch the amazing results!!

  • LPGA PLYR Fitting At The Kingdom For Full Bag Check Before U.S Women's Open

    Canadian TaylorMade Staffer Rebecca Lee-Bentham visits The Kingdom in Carlsbad California for a full bag check as she prepares for the 2021 United States Women's Open.

    A unique situation for most fitters but one that a Tour fitter will find themselves in often. How much do you change? What can you impact? How do you help the prepare for the upcoming Major.

  • The ULTIMATE What's In The (My) Bag | TrottieGolf

    A detailed look into what I play & why?
  • How to Change Your Grips

    PGA Tour Master Builder Wade Liles joins me this #TourTruckTuesday to demonstrate how to change your grips at home. Wade has built clubs for the greatest players in the game over the last 3 decades & he provides insights as to what to look for and the tools you will need to complete a successful grip change.
  • The Secret is in The Shaft Dust

    Choosing the right shaft is almost as important as choosing the right Driver. With so many different options, it is critical that you find the best one for yourself. I am going to walk you through how to get fit for a shaft, launch angles, and whats the perfect shaft for you.